The Crucible Web Quest

Your Assignment: In your small groups, you are to follow the directions for the topic assigned and answer the questions that follow.

Then, your group is to compose a presentation following the guidelines given in class. Your presentation should include, but not be limited to, all of the answers to the provided questions.

Group #1: The Puritans

  1. Read this article on the Puritans.

  2. Read the portion of this article labeled basic Puritan beliefs.

  3. Read this sermon from the Puritan period outlining the character of an Old English Puritan.

  4. Read the first 30 of Jonathan Edward's (a Puritan's) resolutions.

  5. View this page about Puritans at play.

  6. Review information in your notes The Scarlet Letter and "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"

        Questions to Answer:

  1. Who were the Puritans?

  2. What distinguished their faith from others of their time period?

  3. Why did they cross the Atlantic Ocean?

  4. What were their goals?

  5. Give several examples of typical Puritan beliefs.

  6. In particular, how did Puritans feel about the Sabbath day?

  7. What were the focal points of Puritan life?

  8. What was the dominant motivating force in Puritan society (especially in "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"?

  9. What sort activities were and were not acceptable to the Puritans as recreation?

  10. How tolerant were the Puritans of those who differed from their norms?

Group #2: The Salem Witchcraft Trials

  1.     Read this article on the Salem witchcraft trials.

  2.     Experience this virtual witch trial to get a feel for what it was like to be accused in the Salem witchcraft trials.

  3.     Read this timeline of the events of the Salem witchcraft trials.

  4.     View this actual arrest warrant from the Salem witchcraft trials.

  5.     Read this opinion piece on a possible "witch hunt" that is going on in our society today.

    Questions to Answer:


    1. What were some beliefs about witchcraft and witches people held in the past?

    2. What were the Salem witchcraft trials?

    3. What are some possible explanations for the Salem witchcraft trials?

    4. What options did an accused witch have in Salem?

    5. How quickly did things get out of hand in Salem?

    6. How long did the Salem witchcraft trials go on for?

    7. What sort of evidence was used to arrest accused witches?

    8. Do "witch hunts" still happen?

    9. Can you think of anything else that has happened in this country that would also be considered a "witch hunt"?

Group #3: Arthur Miller

  1. Read this biography of Arthur Miller.

  2. Browse this timeline of Arthur Miller's life.

  3. Read the provided handout packet on Arthur Miller.

  4. Read this interview with Arthur Miller on his writing (stop when you get to the part about fathers and sons)

        Questions to Answer:

  1. What major historical event shaped Arthur Miller's childhood?

  2. What happened when Miller was called before the House Un-American Activities Committee?

  3. To whom was Miller married?

  4. What sort of awards did Miller receive?

  5. Describe the common themes of Miller's writings (pay particular attention to any references to The Crucible).

  6. How would you categorize Arthur Miller's political views?

  7. How do you think Miller viewed the function of drama?

Group #4: McCarthyism

  1. Read this background on the Second Red Scare and McCarthyism, which took place in the era following World War II.

  2. Read this biography on Joseph McCarthy.

  3. Read this article about the Congressional committees used to carry out McCarthyism.

  4. Read this article about the Blacklisting that went on during the McCarthy era.

        Questions to Answer:

  1. What was McCarthyism, or The Second Red Scare?

  2. Who was the target of this movement?

  3. Who was Joseph McCarthy?

  4. Why do you think McCarthy began persecuting Communists?

  5. What eventually became of Joseph McCarthy?

  6. How was the persecution of McCarthyism carried out?

  7. What happened to people who were Blacklisted by the HUAC?

  8. What options did people called before the HUAC have?

  9. What were the consequences of each course of action?