Classify the following changes as either chemical or physical.

Explain your reason for choosing that kind of change.



Chemical or Physical


Steel wool turned the blackened pot silver



Lightning flashed across the sky



Acid caused the limestone to fizz



The  wooden steps rotted



Lemon juice turned the tea cloudy



A puddle of gasoline dried, but left a bad odor



Gravy in the refrigerator gelled



A blue-green lobster turned red as it cooked



A cavity formed in a tooth



Flash cameras flashed after the wedding



Ice cubes shrink in the freezer



A raw egg became a cooked egg



A piece of paper became ash



Mothballs gradually disappeared



The steel railing rusted



A silver spoon tarnished



The copper pot turned green



A rubber band is stretched



The baseball smashed the window



The cake batter  became cake after being baked    

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